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  • Four Seasons...

    There are four distinct Trojan news cycles that we all can't wait to read about. Our sources are all over the internet. Personally, I come to and will always come to this site, in most cases first. GarryP has the formula and it works.

    1) Recruiting - with the first Wednesday in February being the highlight.

    2) Spring practice

    3) Fall Camp

    4) Football season

    Well, this past football season had some early low points but I still came online to check out what tirebiter had posted. After the Utah game, we were all shocked, disappointed, furious and you name it... It was bad, really bad.

    After tirebiter took his hiatus, I still went online, having to satisfy my Trojan news addiction. Fortunately, SC started winning and finding news reports was so much more enjoyable. So, I would read the news then post links here. Don't get me wrong, in no way did I ever think I was tirebiter.

    Ultimately SC went on the 9 game winning streak, culminating in the epic Rose Bowl victory.

    With the arrival of the recruiting news cycle and although there is still other Trojan news on the net. It is time for me to take a hiatus.

    Fight On!

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    You did a great job filling in for the legend.
    I hope to help out some later this year since I am getting ready to hang up the work thing.


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      Thanks for your efforts, Muscle. Your news posts will be missed.


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        Thanks for your time, Fight On


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          Thanks very much MU5
          However there is one thing we can all do right now to help out this forum.
          There is nothing preventing anyone from posting links here. We all have the ability to get instant news feeds. None of us read newspapers anymore (mostly 'casue they went under) but we have adjusted with social media and other means. We have many ways to get immediate data... so why not share?

          Just remember the rule: do not post anything from other sites.


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            The fifth season. The bowl season.


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              There is, unfortunately, another season between Spring Practice and Fall Camp, when baseballs fill air and darkness settles upon the land. Thanks Mu5cle for the updates.