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    If you haven't seen the movie and plan on it stop reading. If you have seen it or read the book what would you have done?

    Of course I am referring to the goat herders that stumbled on the SEAL team. Personally, I would have killed them. I understand why they didn't, the movie I think takes that moment and turns into a forum discussion where you have RB91, myself, GB and maybe 901. Interestingly enough the team leader arrives at the choice to cut them loose which ultimately leads to their death and 16 other SPECOP operators sent in to retrieve them.

    These wars were doomed about 24 hours after 9/11 when we worried about public and world opinion on how to wage war. Total war was removed from US planning minutes after the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped. Everyone who has served in the Special Operations theater will tell you to their last breath that the only thing that matters is the guy next to you, period. All the Patriotism and unit rah rah disappears as soon as you lift off.....these stories only illustrate that our best continue to volunteer and are expendable by those who are not fit to make those choices.

    Total war and we would have been done in 18 months -or- Nuked Tora Bora and saved lives and cash.

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    Totally agree. I read the book. It was a clusterfuck. I would have killed the goat herders. Yes, no question it is the guy next to you that is most important. Your world worries shrink drastically in combat.


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      I would have killed them too, without a second's thought.


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        I too would have killed them off, us or them mentality and we know the results.


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          Just watched the movie. The ending and the slide show at the end of the movie really moved me emotionally. It brought back long forgotten memories of grief in losing friends when I was a young soldier almost 48 years ago. God bless these young men still ready to step up in harm's way. The Taliban are evil mother fuckers. I feel bad for the Pashtuns who have to put up with their shit.