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  • Grand National Pigeon Show

    The 2015 NPA Grand National Pigeon Show, hosted by the Los Angeles Pigeon Club, will alight at the Ontario Convention Center Thursday through Saturday.

    The LAPC has hosted the show eight times and the last was San Bernardino in 2006.

    Show times are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday; 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday; and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. The 93rd annual show is free to the public.

    Nearly 8,000 pedigreed pigeons have been entered into the show by more than 400 exhibitors throughout United States and Canada. The primary categories of breeds include performing, exhibition and utility pigeons.

    Former boxing heavyweight champion and known pigeon fancier Mike Tyson is set to open the show with a white pigeon release at noon Thursday.

    The convention center is at 2000 E. Convention Center Way.

    Information: or

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    Very good. I raised pigeons when I was 10 till 13 , about 20 of various types, Racers and show. I useta get free bird food when the granary overfilled the railroad cars in downtown Upland CA, and they left the spillage on the tracks.
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      Originally posted by ca4usc View Post
      Very good......
      Very good? Delicious.


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      This guy in Spring Valley/Lemon Grove area of San Diego owned these really valuable roller/tumbler pigeons and every day he let them out, one got killed by a Cooper's Hawk. He was going to shoot the hawk but the DFG called me to trap it and relocate it. I trapped it, it had lost one of it's middle toes so I suspect that is why it would kill these pigeons, although a tumbler pigeon goes into a weird backward fall that makes it look crippled. I was driving up to Ventura so I let the hawk free up there the next day. In 2 days it was back feasting in on San Diego pigeons! These pigeons cost upwards of a $1000, so a kinda expensive dinner for this raptor. I think the guy shot the hawk as relocating wasn't effective.

      Video of "rollers."
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        Never tried it, butt not out of question. I started with about 5 of different breeds, then added 1 or 2. They started breeding. like friggin pigeons! My parents told me to get rid of them of they(the pigeons) would be dressed for dinner. Having helped my mom dress a lot of chickens, I knew she wasn't messin. I gave all the birds to friends, and I'm sure that they eventually got shut down by their folks.