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Time to do a major house cleaning in Laker town

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  • Time to do a major house cleaning in Laker town

    Jim ... Luke ... and most of the players. Sure ... get rid of Williams ... the only real entertainment on the team

    Should have heard the announcers ... Worthy and Fish call it out. "They need to ask themselves, do you want to be a Laker? If not, go tell the three heads where you want to go and maybe they can get you there. There are players who have really let down the coaching staff."
    Here's the shot fired at Luke ... "This accepting and minimizing failures in losing began a snowball that has got us here" I've been in management and am married to a nationally recognized teacher ... and we both are HUGE Laker fans since back to Jim Krebs, Rudy LaRusso and the boys ... and we know the head of the team cannot be interested in being the friend of those who should be followers.

    There is really no firm foundation of progress. Someone should tell Brandon to stay home and get some rest ... instead of going to the All Star party.
    DeLo really belongs in the hairdressing business.

    SORRY ... respectfully venting

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    The blowouts are coming at an alarming pace which tells you a little something about giving up. Luke is still trying to find himself as a coach with regards to being a good guy or a hard nosed coach. The feeling I always had as a Laker fan is players actually got better when they had the honor of wearing a Laker uni. That element of pride is missing and it seems to be a problem throughout the organization. #leadershp


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      I've said for quite awhile amongst my friends that the Lakers need to keep Clarkson/Ingram and trade/release everyone else.
      Deng and Masgov got overpaid and don't bring anything to the table, Russell hasn't quite panned out, Randle needs the ball in his hands to be effective, Young and Williams just want to be able to shoot.
      Anybody I haven't named is not good enough to be worth mentioning.

      I thought Russell/Randle would have been good fits, but it doesn't help their development when you pair them with ineffective veterans.


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        I've been beating this drum for years, but unfortunately no one is listening. And it's becoming increasingly unlikely they ever will. Need to bring back Jerry West. He was the true engineer of the Showtime Lakers, the Kobe-Shaq Lakers and the Kobe-Pau Lakers, as well as the current-day Golden State Warriors. Phil Jackson's ego chased him away. Now that Phil and Jeanie are split, maybe a window of opportunity?