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North Korea is probably 1 year away from being able to drop a H-Bomb on Los Angeles

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  • North Korea is probably 1 year away from being able to drop a H-Bomb on Los Angeles

    The recent test demonstrated huge leaps in technology that has the experts running. Cold Launch, solid fuel and burn-rate now point to being able to deploy a mobile ICBM shortly. That will absolutely mitigate the strategy of striking the missiles while fueling in crises that South Korea has long built for. I had to chuckle when the head of NATO " condemned them" and added " it is time for them to put down these ambitions and join the world" Exactly how many times has this been said over the years and the results?

    I firmly believe it is time to deploy THAAD ( screw China) and 3-5 Aegis ABM versions off their coast with two carriers for cover and shoot down EVERY missile attempt. In addition, I would tell China we're going the two China route unless you reign in the little fat boy, period.

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    And that's exactly what should happen. Will it, I fucking hope so.


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      Originally posted by Georgia Boy View Post
      And that's exactly what should happen. Will it, I fucking hope so.
      I keep asking, why has this not already been done, shoot down every launch....then go after the launch sites


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        Somewhat disconcerting to read the thread title and then see how many ''likes'' it generated.


        • SoCalN8tiv
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          I believe the likes are for the paragraphs contents rather than the thread title itself; nevertheless, I concur with it being disconcerting.

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        Originally posted by 901 Club View Post
        Somewhat disconcerting to read the thread title and then see how many ''likes'' it generated.
        Wonder if some are stoked to see Los Angeles (and USC) in flames?

        In regards to the thread, the main point reminds me of some Korean movie where the South Koreans do a preemptive strike on a North Korean launch site. It would be cool to turn that into reality.
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        • denali
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          But then we always hear about the 10,000 guns embedded in mountains that would take our Seoul in 10 minutes?

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        Hmmm, some interesting words used here:

        The "little fat boy" ----> Little Boy & Fat Man being the first atomic weapons used on an enemy by the U.S. and no one else. Law of averages not in the world's favor or ours.

        "Reign" as in reign of terror by the turd Korean dictator. He should be reined in. I agree.

        "Stoked, flames" as in keeping a fire burning. Let's hope not.

        The word Hope used here as a positive rather than preceded by an expletive.
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          Every liberal hating conservative/republican outside of California would love to see this state go up in flames.


          • old scotty
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            Well, a lot of your liberals feel that way about the whole country

          • VM805
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            Perhaps, but I would bet the farm that most of those American hating liberals would rather see Trump Tower go up in flames than the entire United States.

          • SCBIGTIME
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            I blame our state's politicians and the people who put these kooks in office.

            We wouldn't be so hated if we didn't have such far left crazies running this state.

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          Well the problem is the NK's are also developing a submarine-launched system. the cold launch of the recent test pretty much confirmed they are one the right path. So that means that pissant country at the very least can take out several cities in Japan and South Korea as well as most likely Hawaii and those targets.

          We've ignored this problem for so long that it is now going to bite us in the ass.

          Taking them out in a conventional war is doable if we're able to domestically accept a 300k man deployment and losing about 60k of well as probably the loss of 4-6 major cities on the ASEAN Rim.

          Again, the only strategy that makes sense from a military, cost and political stand point is a first strike. The best approach would be 2 minutes from launch we inform China and Russia that NK will no longer exist in its current state in 8 minutes. Fire a full spread from a Trident on depressed trajectory with about 35 warheads taking out all known nuclear targets, leadership and C3. Secondary targets would be air defences and major artillery facilities that are well known about 75 miles from the DMZ.

          Otherwise, let me tell you how this will continue to play out. They will blackmail the free world for food and energy and at some point some lunatic there will see the end of the road for themselves and pull the trigger and go out with a bang. We have absolutely no idea how they manage nuclear release...that should frighten the Chinese and Russians as much as the free world.


          • MoyockDAD
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            Didn't this blackmail occur during Clinton administration engineered by Jimmy Carter?