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On TOS there was a debate about possibly being Darnold being fat

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  • On TOS there was a debate about possibly being Darnold being fat

    I kid you not. It was a short thread, but one nonetheless. Incredible. haha.

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    That is funny.

    Truth is, I don't care if he has 50% body fat, if he can run and throw like he does, I don't care what what his body fat is.


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      Oy vey...Welcome to the off-season!


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        He's phat.


        • AnnenbergGrad
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          heheheheh. There you go.

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        This guy made it to the NFL and had a pretty good CFB career...think we'll be OK.


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          The great Babe Ruth was fat....debate over...


          • KeenObserver
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            Phil Mickelson, George Foreman 2.0, Shaq, Charles Barkley

          • dbw021
            dbw021 commented
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            Well, actually, Babe Ruth was in good shape when he was younger. He was very fast and excellent base runner. He just got heavy at the end of his career. Most photos of him are later in his career when he had started getting older and so the general public has idea that he was always heavy.
            When I went to Cooperstown I saw old film and photos of him earlier in his career and was surprised at how good he looked. I commented to one of the tour guides and he said that was general misconception about the Babe.

          • Cardinal&Gold
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            Good info dbw.. Sounds very familiar to the chubby Elvis progression. .

            Professional athlete..body types are weird.. I've been around major league base ball players plenty and a majority of them do not have what I'd call chiseled physiques. Kinda average Joe bodies.

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          #3 (that's all I have to add)


          • beeto
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            Yeah budddddddyyy !!!

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            This is interesting because in an interview last week, Sam said he was a pudgy kid and one of his football coaches (Pop Warner I think) even fat shamed him and told him to get in shape.

            When the interviewer tried to ridicule the coach, Sam said it was great advice, that it enlightened him on nutrition and taking care of his body and even added that the coach is still one of his great friends and advisors.

            This kid is really special.
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            • Rainman44
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              I should say!

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            • Troken
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              I could see the duckies dressed up for a game in that uniform. Actually it is not as revolting as some that they have already come up with.

            • holt7153
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              Jared Lorenzen AKA The Hefty Lefty.

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   Daughter calls him..." cute chubby face guy "
            So there. He can eat whatever he wants as long as he play like he did last season.


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              The fat protects him from injury when he gets hit


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                You guys forgot Lendak. He is the famous sports personality who climbed Mount Everest and while he played football he could throw,run, and catch the football at the same time.


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                  The Penn St board was crying about getting beat by a fat slow white guy..


                  • HtownSC
                    HtownSC commented
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                    Slow huh? They call themselves linebacker U, yet their LBs can't catch our pudgy QB. Add to that if Sam lowered his shoulder with one of their LBs, I would have my money on Sam getting up first.

                  • SCjoker
                    SCjoker commented
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                    No, they call themselves Linebacker State University.

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                  I think the pads make Darnold look pudgy on camera and he has a funny scrambling style. Honestly, the way he runs looks so nonathletic for how much ground he covers, but I suppose that contributes to his deceptiveness. In person with no pads, he just looks like a large dude with a linebacker frame.

                  If he actually is fat, there's no way he'll stay fat. Sam is a guy with an insane work ethic and an unending desire to improve. Truly rare. Whatever his peak body state is, he will achieve it given the time.

                  I think Sam will pack on a good few lbs of muscle over this off season and will start looking pretty scary for a QB. I think some are also forgetting we have the best strength & condition staff in the country at this esteemed university. Zach Banner had some weight issues prior to his breakout senior year and the S&T team got him into good shape in time for his shot at the NFL.


                  • TrojanFireHorse12
                    TrojanFireHorse12 commented
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                    His upper body seems longer then his lower half. At least that's the impression i get when he runs, but yeah his running style/motion is strange, but clearly it gets the job done.
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                  • 3rd Slide
                    3rd Slide commented
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                    I saw him juke one of the PSU LB's, looked like a pretty athletic runner to me.

                  • BlemBlam
                    BlemBlam commented
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                    You really think our S&C staff is the best in the country? Have you ever looked at Alabama's players, or watched videos of their 4th Quarter off season program?

                    I've never heard anyone who knows anything on this subject rave about our staff. Not saying they are bad, but I have never heard or seen anything about them being upper echelon.