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The Unofficial Board College Bowl Game Pickem

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  • The Unofficial Board College Bowl Game Pickem

    This will be a game for posters here on this board. Pick all Bowl game winners with confidence points. Believe you do need a Yahoo Account...but they are free.

    Register Now...

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    Registration is pretty simple to do. If you don't have time now, make yourself a note. But It only takes a couple of minutes to register. Then you can come back and make your picks over time before the games start.


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      Tip: Try to name your pick set with your screen name here and then it will be easier for everyone to follow along.


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          Update: 20 people registered so far. Bowl Games begin on Dec 17th (next Saturday). You will want to make sure and have your picks in by then.

          Tip: if you don't have time to do a thourough job on your picks now, just select all the favorites as a place holder and you can come back any time and edit them.


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            This is the thread where all the banter and trash talk will be happening once the bowl games start.

            We will post the results daily in this thread during the bowl season. And then of course there will be the ensuing bragging and 'told you so' posts...

            If you have not signed up yet, do it now. You won;t want to miss out on the fun.


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              Just joined


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                I'm in...


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                  I run a big one every year at work-I'll try to get in.


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                    Well this one is just for fun and bragging rights. The winner will be crowned Unofficial Football Forum Diety for the year. ...and then of course there is always the coveted ''Most Wrong'' Award...which is surprisingly easy to earn, btw...


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                      I'm in, thanks OP.


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                        Bowl Season is Upon Us!

                        At least two tough picks right out of the gate on day one. Houston lost their coach and may be dissappointed with their bowl game. This will cause many to pick San Diego St...but???

                        A relative home field advantage for Louisianna-Lafayette, but will that be enough to overcome Southern Miss?

                        These tough choices and many others await our contestants.

                        Let the Games Begin!


                        • holt7153
                          holt7153 commented
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                          I went with SDSU-not sure about the mindset of UH players. Hope Pumphrey breaks the all-time NCAA rushing record.

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                        After one frustrating day, the top five look like this:
                        Rank Pick Set Correct Points
                        1 Danny H 2 of 5 66
                        2 Mike M 3 of 5 44
                        3 Holt7153 3 of 5 43
                        4 TrojanHorse 3 of 5 41
                        5 yeccchhhh 2 of 5 39
                        Special mention to Beev who went 5 of 5 and SC Marshall who had 4 of 5 yesterday, but both had chosen lower confidence points on their games. It's not just picking winners in this one--it's also about the winning the ones you have a lot of faith in.

                        Some of you guys will need to let us know what your screen name is here. Or send me a private message to let me know your screen name here and I will convert it before posting.
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                        too late (


                        • TrojanHorse
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                          Actually, you could still join. You will just be off to a five game disadvantage.

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                        Only one bowl game today and ''most'' players picked Tulsa. But Danny H stretched out his lead by betting high on confidence points for this game.

                        The top 5 currently are:
                        Picks Points
                        1 Danny H 3 of 6 106
                        2 Yeccchh 3 of 6 75
                        3 Holt7153 4 of 6 73
                        4 Sportsinformationdirector 3 of 6 72
                        5 TrojanHorse 4 of 6 71