Coliseum naming rights go to United Airlines

According to a report in the Sports Business Daily, the naming rights for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum have been sold to United Airlines in a deal that is reported to be for $70 million over 15 years.

USC had the rights to make the sale, which is the richest for a college football stadium, as part of the lease the university obtained in recent years to manage the historical venue. Fox Sports, which also manages USC media properties such as the game day radio broadcasts, was also involved in the sale.

It has not yet been announced how the United name will be incorporated into the overall stadium name.

The Coliseum has begun a $270 million renovation that will involve seat relocations, a restoration of the Peristyle, and construction of a large Tower structure to host suites, club seating, press box, etc.


4 Replies to "Coliseum naming rights go to United Airlines"

  • SteveFromTokyo May 19, 2017 (5:43 am)

    Cmon man, of all the brands USC could be associated with, they HAD to pick this one. SMH. #badjudgement

  • Jonathan May 19, 2017 (1:07 pm)

    On the field, the Trojans will treat visiting teams just like United treats is passengers.

  • USCBorn May 19, 2017 (4:42 pm)

    What more proof do you need that the Airlines are Robbing and gouging you then paying $4.6 million a year just to have their name on a College Football Stadium in Los Angeles. What more do you want to see to validate how bad the price gouging is on fees? Next time you book your flight with that C*ap airline and they bill you for their latest fee just know it’s all so they can put their name on the stadium you love(d). Or will they make you pay for a cushion to pass along this fee.

    WTF you doing selling the name of the Coliseum? Why not tattoo United Airlines on the brain trust who made this decision so we can identify the pimps that will sell out USC for money. $70,000,000 for naming Rights and Sam Darnold and all the kids who are the reason why we go to the games get……….Yep….$00.00.

    What a Sh*T show this non profit amateur College Sports racket these guys are running on our country.

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